Terms and Conditions


These general terms of delivery shall apply to the parties between all methods of ordering / placing orders unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

product Info

Sold goods shall in essence be in accordance with information contained in product information, catalogs and price lists claimed by HippoBED at the time of the contract or published by HippoBED last publicly.


Orders can be ordered by order registered by HippoBEDs webshop.

A HippoBED binding agreement on delivery and specifying delivery time is valid only for items held by HippoBED, and will only arise when customer orders have been confirmed by HippoBED.

Confirmation of delivery time on article purchased from HippoBEDs supplier is always preliminary based on the supplier's confirmed delivery date to HippoBED.

Such confirmation will be sent to the customer by e-mail unless otherwise agreed.

Price and payment

Last published prices replace all previous price lists.

Prices are quoted including VAT.

HippoBED reserves the right to change prices without prior notice, eg. at exchange rate fluctuations.

In case of remarks on prices, the price quoted at the order date is valid. Upon request, the carrier's applicable collection fee will be applicable at any time.

Payment must be made by HippoBED no later than 10 days after the invoice date. In case of late payment, late interest is charged by 12%.


Delivery can be either from HippoBEDs warehouse or directly from one of the suppliers.

Delivery from the warehouse can be different types;

Standard Delivery = Schenker, Post Nord, DHL Agent
Fast delivery = UPS
In case of shipment, the delivery (shipment of goods) takes place when the goods are handed over to the carrier who undertakes the shipment from the place of shipment (usually HippoBEDs warehouse).

freight Billing

Standard freight is charged according to price list in Webshop.

For quick tires, which are delivered the same day from HippoBEDs warehouse, a fast delivery fee of 100 SEK will be charged. In addition to the quicker fare, shipping is charged.

Delivery time and delay

If HippoBED finds that you can not deliver on an agreed time, HippoBED shall, if there is reasonable reason to believe that the delay is of essential importance to the buyer, without delay inform the buyer of this and state the reason for the delay and, as far as possible, specify the time when delivery is expected to occur.

Retention of title

Delivered goods remain the property of HippoBED until they have been fully paid.

Responsibility for errors, etc.

HippoBED shall, in accordance with the terms of these General Terms and Conditions, by repair or exchange, rectify errors in defects in construction, materials or manufacturing. HippoBEDs responsibility relates only to defects that occur within one year from the date of delivery of the goods. If the product is used more intensively than could be assumed upon the conclusion of the agreement, the liability will be shortened accordingly. The buyer must report any errors to the Horse Stall in writing promptly after the error has appeared. If the buyer does not advertise in writing within the time limit set forth herein, the right to claim is lost due to error.

Certain items must be sent to the HippoBED for forwarding to the manufacturer. For such goods, the buyer will be charged the shipping cost.

In case HippoBED take an undue delay in remedying errors that fall within the scope of HippoBEDs liability, the buyer is entitled to, by written notice, request remediation within a reasonable period of not less than one week. If HippoBED does not remedy within the time limit, and this is not due to any reason for which the buyer is responsible, the buyer is entitled to terminate the agreement by written notice to the seller regarding the incorrect goods that are not remedied by HippoBED. In case of cancellation, the buyer is entitled to compensation with a maximum of 15% of the agreed price.

HippoBED has no liability for any errors other than those stated in these general terms and conditions. This applies to any loss or expense the fault may cause as, for example, loss of production, loss of profits and other financial consequential damage.

product Liability

HippoBED shall, under the terms of this provision, replace the dealer for the amount it may be required to pay to third parties in response to third party claims directed against the dealer as a result of damage as a product due to security deficiency caused by a person or property which is usually intended for individual purposes and which, at the time of the occurrence of the damage, is mainly used for such purposes.

HippoBED is obliged to replace the dealer as described above only if and to the extent that HippoBED can be held liable for the resulting product damage in accordance with the Product Liability Act (1992: 18) and further provided that

The dealer must notify the dealer immediately and no later than ten (10) days after a product liability claim has been lodged against the dealer.
The dealer does not, without the written consent of HippoBED, conclude conciliation or meet any other agreement with third parties on account of such product liability;
The dealer did not, through interference or modification of the product or otherwise, caused the appearance of the harmful safety deficiency in the product.
The conditions set out in (1-3) above do not apply to such right of retaliation against horse-and-stall pursuant to section 10 of the Product Liability Act.

If product liability is directed against the dealer and horse stable pursuant to this provision, liability is borne by this, the dealer shall, if requested by Horse Horse, handle the claim and bring any action in court in accordance with the instructions of the HippoBED.

HippoBEDl shall not, in relation to the dealer, bear any liability for personal or property damage caused by a product other than that expressly provided by this provision. In no case, HippoBED is responsible for production loss, loss of profits or any indirect loss.


For returns of goods for reasons other than those for which HippoBED responds, the following applies:

Only items that are new and cash are taken in return,
The goods shall be packed in undamaged unlabeled original packaging,
At the time of returning, the goods will be included in HippoBEDs stocked range,
Promotional and resale products are not returned,
Goods older than 6 months are returned in exceptional circumstances only,
The goods must be delivered by Horse and Stall according to order number stated on return.
Goods that at reception control do not meet the above requirements are returned to the buyer with unpaid shipping. Returns are paid by the buyer. Shipping charges on delivery are not credited.

Freedom of Movement (Force Majeure)

The following circumstances constitute grounds for exemption if they prevent or obviate the performance of the agreement; labor dispute and any other circumstance that the parties can not afford, such as fire, war, mobilization or military invitations of the same extent, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, insurgency and riots, shortage of means of transport, general shortage of goods, restrictions on the supply of power as well as errors in or delay of subcontracting deliveries caused by such exemption.

The above-mentioned circumstances are only exempt if their effect on the performance of the agreement could not be expected when the agreement was concluded.

It is incumbent on a party wishing to invoke the right to exempt under this provision to notify the counterparty without delay of the appearance thereof and its termination. In case of force majeure at the buyer, HippoBED shall be replaced by the costs of securing and protecting the goods.

Whatever otherwise applies under these General Terms of Sale, each party is entitled to terminate the agreement by written notice to other parties if the performance of the agreement has been delayed for more than six months due to for exemption as mentioned in this provision.

Applicable law

Disputes arising from the agreement shall be settled by arbitrators and in accordance with Swedish law.

If in dispute the value of what is obviously does not exceed ten times the price base amount at the time of the arbitration proceedings, the dispute shall be decided by a single arbitrator who, if the parties can not agree, shall be appointed by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

The arbitration procedure will take place in Lund.


The office's regular opening hours are 8:00 to 17:00. Phone number 0046-413-578575


Orders can be made by phone, e-mail or webshop.
Orders with clear and complete information regarding customer number, item number, number and right devices facilitate the order processing and hence the quality of deliveries.

Missing delivery

In case of missing delivery, contact HippoBED, email: kundservice (at) hippobed (dot) com or tel. 0046-413-578575

Return and complaint management

Deliveries are made with Schenker or another HippoBED hired carrier.

When the goods arrive at the customer, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the number of packages, pallets and condition of the goods complies with the requirements of the freight handling. If this is not correct, the customer changes with the driver on the shipping slip and then advertises the customer to the shipping company.

Transport damage is always advertised to the carrier. In some cases, damage will not be visible until unpacking. Damage detected during unpacking must be reported to the transport company within 8 days. Always enter shipping item number. The recipient of the goods, who is responsible for checking goods received in accordance with current regulations, must always request compensation from the carrier.

If Horse Stall has made a mistake, call HippoBED within 8 days. For the best possible complaint handling, we need a customer number, article number, and reason for the complaint. When returning for credit, HippoBED also needs invoice numbers.

Warranty and service

In case of warranty claims, the same procedure applies as mentioned above. When the complaint involves return to HippoBED, the customer receives a returnable return form, certified by HippoBED, with a copy. This should always be attached to the return. In order for Hest and Stall to be able to handle returns efficiently, the customer is asked to follow the following commemorative list:

Always email a return request. Always request a return number, so you always have a confirmation that the return request is made in due time. This will prevent you from returning the return fee due to late return requests.
Wait until you receive a return receipt with the item.
Pack the goods to be returned well. Please collect multiple returns. Attach the return slip in original, and keep the copy as a receipt.
Returns without, HippoBED, approved return slip can not be processed. Returns sent to HippoBED without, of our approved return slip, are returned to the sender with unpaid shipping.

Felexpediered products, which have been replaced with the right, are charged if return has not been received to the HippoBED within 10 days.

For returns for reasons other than HippoBED errors, except for the above:

Only items that are new and healthy can be returned.
The goods must be packed in undamaged unlabeled original packaging.
Items not stocked but ordered for your account are not returned.
Goods older than 6 months are returned in exceptional cases only.
Goods that at reception control do not meet the above requirements are returned to the customer with unpaid shipping.
The goods must be delivered by HippoBED according to order number stated on return.
The item is credited with the net amount to which it is billed, minus 30% return tax.
Returns are paid by the customer. Shipping charges on delivery are not credited. If the invoice number or order number is not stated on return, credit can not be made. For guarantees, the product is replaced with a new product, where applicable.

Pallet Changing Systems

When external hauliers are hired, approved pallets are regulated by the carrier's pallet pole or by direct debit from HippoBED

In case of damage and damage to pallets, note this on the shipping slip and contact the nearest terminal of the carrier.

Always check the number of pallets indicated on the shipping slip.


HippoBED cooperates with external carriers.

We ourselves and our carriers work for reduced emissions of fossil fuels and other negative environmental impacts.

Manufacturer responsibility for packaging

HippoBED complies with its producer responsibility for packaging by being affiliated with the Repair Registry. This includes packaging of corrugated cardboard, cardboard / cardboard, iron or plastic.

Environmental charges

HippoBED will pay environmental taxes to the Norway Environmental Protection Agency, where applicable.


HippoBED works according to established procedures for source sorting, handling, storage and recycling of own waste.

HippoBED AB / 559078-7346,
Tallbacksvägen 7
241 91 Eslöv
phone 0413-578575
email kundservice (et) hippobed (dot) com